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Wow!  The 4th of July is here already.  Before long I will be going back to work.  Of course it will start off bad for me, as I will still be recuperating from the joint replacement surgery. The bad part is that it is in my left hand and I am left-handed. Now that is going to be fun. At least I can type one handed, but writing, what a joke that will be.

The stories are coming along great. They are ready for publication except for one thing…the covers. I am still waiting for the covers to get done. We do have the one for Hollywood Dream, but not the others.

There seems to be an increase in eBooks hitting the market. Everyone has found out that eBooks are selling, and publishing them is not the taboo that self-publishing has lived under up to this year.

 It is not looked upon as selling out your dream to go ahead and self publish an eBook. Like it was/is if you pay to have books published and try to sell the hard-back copy.

That is still look upon as a bad decision. Big publishers won’t touch a self-publish book most of the time. Now I will not say all the time, because I am sure there have been some that were picked up by a big time publisher. But the odds are not with you.

I recently read that now the eBook author/publisher is not looked upon as being someone that the big-time publishers would just pass by, as their next novel might sell as good as the eBook one, assuming that the eBook sold numerous copies (numerous equals thousands).

With all that said, what should you do?  Do you publish the eBook and hope to sell thousands of copies, or do you keep going after an agent and try to sell to a big-time publisher?

That is something only you can decide. Look at what you wrote, is it a great story? Is it error free and been edited by a professional?  Either way you go, all that needs to be done.

It will take a long time to get an agent and get that book deal. Of course, if you are writing to make money, then you are writing for the wrong purpose. There are not that many authors that just write for a living.

Rarely will people like you (or I) ever become the next Stephen King. But, we could sell enough books to make a little money, even if it is only just enough to pay for a meal with your sweetheart.

But, don’t give up writing. Writers write. Whether they sell it or not, they still write.

For me, I am going both routes. I am selling some eBooks and keeping the Steve Hawks series to be sold to a big-time publisher (hopefully).

Okay, it is your turn. What are your thoughts?  How do you plan to proceed with your writing?  Are you going after that agented deal with a big-time publisher or will you go strictly the eBook route?

Post your answer down in the comment section and let us know.

Enjoy the holiday and the rest of summer.


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