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How did you survive the heat wave last week?  Hope everybody was able to stay cool.


There is another one starting this afternoon here in Indiana and staying around for the next seven days. Just what we need more humid weather.


The first eBook Hollywood Dream is published on Amazon for the Kindle at


For Nook and other eReaders go to Smashwords at

Hollywood Dream -- Cindy went to Hollywood chasing her dream of becoming a Star. However, she ends up meeting Linda, a murderous woman. Will she ever become that Star and make her dream come true?


If you decide to read it, please post a review on the site you purchased it from. Thanks!


The second book cover has came in for All in the Family Cruise. It will be uploaded in a day or two to both sites as well.


It is actually the third cover on my list. The book cover designer is working backwards on the cover list.


Tell us what your plans are for this next heat wave?  Staying indoors or finding a huge body of water to relax in?


Leave a comment below. It is easy and no one will pick on you for it.


Have a great week and upcoming weekend.


JohnNew eBook


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