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Hello how was your week?  Leave a comment below telling us what great things happened to you this past week.


My eBook Hollywood Dream is doing great.  So far, 3 Five-Star Reviews. Here are a couple of them:


"After I was done, I was left wanting more. To me thats the sign of a great short story."


"This Kindle book is truly entertaining! It has to be difficult to pack so much action into a short story, but John Poindexter does it beautifully. He keeps the reader riveted and interested from page one. The ending is the kind I enjoy as well; uplifting and satisfying."


I hope they find my new ones coming soon to be just as entertaining.


Speaking of new ones. Here is a link to another one of my stories, All in the Family Cruise. It is in a PDF for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to download it and enjoy.



I am off to complete the last reviews of Dreamer's Paradise and She Rises at Dawn before the covers come in. Which I have been told will be coming "soon".


One more week of vacation and then it is back to school for a long year.


Everyone have great one and please leave a review in the comment section after reading the free selection. Thanks!



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