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Tomorrow starts another year of working for the government for more days now than we used to have to work before the money stayed with us.


This school year will be different by all means.  With the new MacBook computers, there will be a lot of explaining and teaching (by both teachers and students) on how to do something with these new computers.


Last night on Facebook, one of my students told me how to get to a special effect for changing a picture. I had used that effect last week when we had our two days of training, but could not remember yesterday when my grandson wanted to use it.


On the writing front, I placed All in the Family Cruise up on as a free download.  So far 90 copies have been downloaded. Do you have yours?


Dreamer's Paradise cover is finished, but I asked for a change in the color scheme. Hopefully, that will be completed today and I can get it uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords.


They are still working on She Rises at Dawn to get the perfect picture to depict the story, which is set in Chicago. This is the longest and last short story that I will be posting as an eBook.


Writing time will be more limited now with going back to work, but I must find the time somewhere to get back on the revisions of the two novels.


Hope you have a great week and enjoy the weather while you can, as we all know that cold stuff will be here before we know it and everyone will want the summer back.


Feel free to leave a comment. It seems that either no one wants to comment or the comment section is not working.  Surely, someone has something to say?


Until next time...



Dreamer's Paradise


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