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Hope your week was a great one.  We had big problems in ours.


At work the computer network has a bad part making connections hard to get. Computer guys are working hard to try and make it work until a new part can be purchased and received.


On the writing front, I sent the one cover back asking that the background color be lighter so the words could show better.  I felt it was too dark even for a murder story.


I started back editing the big novel, now on page 55, a slow process for sure.


Still need to find time for editing, as it seems that I no more than get started and it is time for bed.  Not into the swing of a schedule since going back to work, even though this is week two.


And now football is starting, so that will be a distraction, Go Bears!


What have you wrote this week?  You need to leave a comment and tell us all about your progress and maybe a little about what it is you are working on.  We are all curious as to how your work is coming along.


Are you writing or editing?  Fill us in on what is going on in your world. We would love to hear from you.


I find that rewriting from 1st to 3rd person is not an easy task. It does give you the opportunity to add more details, but it is sure easy to miss something and leave an I or my in there.


One question for you: Do you use the tag said or do you asked, if it is a question?


It seems that there may be two trains of thoughts on this. I have seen both in books on writing, but like one said, said is a word that people will just read over. Where asked, makes them stop to go back over the question.


What is your feeling on this?  Leave a comment below and let everyone know how you do it.


That is about all I have for this week.  Time for bed again, a never ending story that is for sure.

Until later,



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