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Dreamer's Paradise is finally published!


That leaves only one more short story to get its cover before it is published.



Dreamer's Paradise is about a young girl named Josie that meets a boy named Jimmy, who she thought was the best thing for her. Too stubborn to face reality, it took her two years to realize that it was either stay and suffer, or go and be alive. The trouble starts when she decides to walk away. The question now is how all of this will affect their daughter in the end.


She Rises at Dawn is a murder mystery about a female private detective in Chicago who is hired by the rich husband to find his wife. The wife has been missing for awhile and the detective believes she has seen her, but cannot catch-up with her.


Once the last one is published, I will be able to give more time (if I can find the time) to rewriting the big novels. I am finding it very hard to catch all the I and me or my to change. It will defiantly be one big proofreading headache. Will have to solicit several proofreaders to help out when the time comes.


We started talking about writing in class today. It is funny how they still can't put the apostrophe in their words that require one. it seems to be a teenager thing. Now the big thing is not capitalizing the word I.


I believe it is going to get worse now that practically every kid uses a phone to send text messages.  I have already seen the lol and even a rofl in the past few years.


Okay what about you?  Can you remember not to use text slang in your papers?


Leave us a comment below about what your thoughts on where writing is going. Some schools have stopped teaching handwriting, because of this computer age.


Until next time, have a great time.



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