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The last story went live on Kindle and Smashwords this week.


She Rises at Dawn is about Patricia Michaels, a female Private Eye in Chicago that must find a missing rich wife.  Wonder if you can solve it before she does?


Get your copy here for Kindle:        or you can get it at Smashwords for many different eReaders:


The other three are still alive and one has even been downloaded 140 times. Good number of books out there with people.


What comes next?  Patricia Michaels is begging for a new case. There may be one in the future for her. Inspector Carlson is yelling that he is tired of sitting on the sidelines and wants a new case himself. Shame they are in two different locales.


The novel front is moving slow. Hopefully, my Muse will return as summer is done, and if I lucky she will spend the winter here in northern Indiana.  I know how stupid can she be to want to stay in an area where the snow falls knee deep at times.


I am hoping that she has had enough of the sunny beaches and wants to spend time making snowballs or skiing.


She should have some good ideas after her long rest in the Islands.


What is your favorite thing to do in the winter? 


Leave a comment and let us know if you want more from Michaels or Carlson, and don't forget to tell us your wintertime activity.



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