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Really glad there is no snow here as I hate snow. I hate the cold too, but can't afford to move away.  Colorado had a big snowstorm and then the east coast.  Maybe we could be missed altogether all winter long. Wouldn't that be nice?


Daughter-in-law is giving a speech on eBooks, so I told her to show my book covers as her props.  Maybe somebody will buy one from her class.


Editing the novel is really slow as I cannot seem to get rid of this headache that I have 24/7. I hope the eye surgery later this month will do the trick. If not, then something else will have to be done. It is hard to work reading something when your head is pounding.


Of course the local so-called hospital said the CT scan was normal. They also said that about my wife's lungs, that a medical doctor, not from that hospital, said showed COPD.


I will be doing some more work on video games stories in the near future. That should be interesting.


Just think, about 55 days until Christmas. Have you made your list yet?  I made mine and it was laughed at, so that emptied my list.


What is on your Christmas list?  And tell us what you think winter will be like.


Of course, we would like to hear about how your writing is going too.


Comments can be left below.


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2 Comment(s):
John said...
No it was not. It was under 2900.00
November 2, 2011 07:33:26
paula said...
You failed to mention that the one and only thing on your Christmas wish list was worth $5000.00. No wonder it was laughed at.
November 2, 2011 10:32:58
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