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The sunspots have open up the HF frequencies to where amateur radio stations from around the world are coming in loud and clear.


I have spent most of my free time on the radio contacting other "Hams" around the world. I use both Voice and Morse Code. It is quite exciting to talk with someone from another country, even if it is a quick hi and bye contact.


Another amateur radio operator friend of mine here in town is a doctor. He and I are sort of competing to see who can make the most contacts. So, far he is ahead a little bit, but of course he lives in the country where the sky is open to his antenna instead of being among trees in a city.


Being that the bands we operate on are so open, there has not been much time or effort to get back on the rewrite. I am up to chapter 14, so it is a slow process and of course this distraction doesn't help.  But, winter is coming and not being able to go and do things will free up some time for the rewrite.


What do you do in your spare time?  Leave a comment and let us know what it is you like.


Until next time,



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