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Wow!  What a week this has been.  Came down with a head cold that I thought would make my head explode. It even put me in bed for over a day. Just now getting completely over it.


And of course, it is colder and snowy out now. Just what I don't need, but then again it is winter is all I hear from people.


Finally, have all the essays graded from round one. Round two starts next week and then will have another 76 to do. It is a never ending process.


Was asked today how the book sales were going. My answer, good, but could be better, especially if I could get some sales from overseas.  I told her that they were for sale in over 5 countries now, but still looking for that first sale over there.


Writing at this time of the year is really tough, as there just isn't time to sit down and write with grading hammering you to be done. You would think that with winter being here there would be nothing but time. It is funny that even trying to get an hour is difficult.


I know, excuses, excuses. But, hopefully it will get better. Summer will be here and then more time can be applied to writing as there will be no grading. I turned down summer school again. Stupid I know, the money is well worth it. But looking at another four weeks with five hours a day was not worth giving up the relaxing time.


Okay folks, how are you doing?   Anyone getting any writing done, sales made, rights sold for movies?  Leave a message and tell us all about your exciting life.


Until next time,






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