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Hello, in just a few days it will be April Fool's Day, which is another stupid day to celebrate something stupid.

Spring Break is this week and of course the weather can not be nice like it has been for the past three weeks.  Not fit to go fishing, play golf or even sit outside in the swing.

I swear this computer has a mind of its own. I will be typing and all of the sudden the cursor is somewhere beside where I want the letters to go. It is weird that it does this, because if I wanted it to do this, then the computer would not cooperate.

Have you ever had that experienced where the sentence you are typing is up about three or four lines in the middle of another sentence that you typed a few minutes ago?

The writing has been nil this week, heck I didn’t even find any energy to grade papers. I know it is Spring Break and you are supposed to be enjoying it, not working. But, I have been bugged to death by people in another matter in the amateur radio world and I am tired of it.  

I was looking at the Kindle Fire today and the salesman asked me if I was an author and when I said yes, he then asked what the titles of my books were.  Can you believe that I drew a blank and stumbled on what the names were. It was funny, even my wife laughed.

The question threw me for a loop, as I was not expecting him to ask if I was an author. He wrote down my name, so maybe he will buy some books. He told us he was an avid reader.

Has something like that ever happened to you?  If so, leave a comment at the bottom and tell us all about it. There are over a hundred people that read this blog and would be interested in what you have to say.

Since it is Spring Break, I think I will go find something to do besides sit here. You all have fun and I will see you next time.


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Denise said...
Hey John. Sorry Spring Break isn't going well for you! I hate to tell you just how beautiful the weather has been here in sunny Florida :) Yes, computers have a mind of their own. Kind of scary isn't it? Just give it a few more years. You and I have seen a lot in our time on earth haven't we? Speaking of getting old ( yes, I know I'm still a year older than you ) you might as well get used to drawing blanks when it comes to remembering things! Try to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Maybe this weekend the sun will come out and the weather will be nice!
March 30, 2012 08:02:56
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