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Five more days and then it is off for 2 months.


This weekend was a busy and hard working one. We decided to finally throw away stuff we have had for 42 years. Several trips were made to the dumpsters provided by the city for residents to dispose of junk they didn't want anymore.


I am going to sell the Iphone as we went to pre-paid, another step in getting closer to retirement. Still not sure why I did that, but I will get use to the new phone or just quit using one altogether.


On the work front, I have a higher than before average of students that passed the state test this year. That was good news for both them and me. Means we are doing something right in the classroom.


I can't believe that summer vacation is so close.


What are your plans for summer? Leave comment down below and tell us.


Was thinking of going on vacation, but will probably not as we say we are going every year and never get to because something always comes up.


This summer I already have one surgery scheduled and not sure what the trip to Chicago will develop after the test there.


This is really a rambling blog this week isn't it?


On the book front, they are still selling, a little slower than before but that is okay. All 4 are still at Amazon for only 99 cents. Only three are listed on Barnes and Noble, also for 99 cents.


Well, I'm off to enjoy the heat of a very hot day.  Hope you all have a great week and summer.


Again, let us know what your plans are for the summer.


Until next time,


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