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Hello and welcome to another version of what is on my mind.


Week two of the post-op period is a little better, but still very painful. Thanks to pain pills I can move around for a little bit.


I was wondering how many of you collect free eBooks?


There are a lot of them out there. I believe it was two blogs ago that I posted several places to go to get free books.  In the past week, I have picked up close to 100 free eBooks.


They are in every category possible in both fiction and non-fiction.  If you are not collecting them, you are losing out on a lot of good books.


Most of them are for Kindle and even if you don't own a Kindle, you can download an App from Amazon for the computer, either pc or Mac. And read away.


Leave a message and let us know if you collect free books and how many you have.


We would love to know.


Right now I am reading a book titled GOTU- A Robin Marlette Novel by Mike McNeff.


So far (on chapter 9) it is an action-packed story.


I am up to 184 books and will be still looking for more tomorrow.  They are not hard to find.


Facebook posts several. If you are not a friend of mine on Facebook, just ask and then you can see the posts as well. They usually show up on my wall.


The Big News this week is that I received my first Royalty Check.  Now I will have to sell more books to get another one, hopefully it won't take as long as it did for this one to get sent out. 


They will only send them out after 75.00 dollars worth is sold. Then only at the end of a quarter, really it turns out to be about a month after the quarter.


Best part was they went ahead and added the money collected in that month they were processing checks. So, mine was way more than the 75 minimum.


Okay, let us know how many eBooks you have and if you feel like sharing where you get them do that as well.


Time for me to take a pill and bed. 


Until next time,



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