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Natalie Kate
Sorry, but this is going to be short this week.


No new news on the book front. But, Monday night was the arrival of our new granddaughter Natalie Kate.


Our youngest son Patrick and his wife Ashley had their lovely daughter. She weighed 6.6 and 19 inches long.


Everyone is very pleased with our new arrival.  Very beautiful, I must say.


You can bet she will be spoiled just as much as the older two grandchildren.



I am still trying to recuperate, but it is not coming along to well.  By the time I get home from work, I am dead to the world.  Just glad my job is not a physical type of work. Of course mental work is just as hard at times.


This is your week to leave all the news in your world down in the comment area. It is not hard to leave one.


So tell us what you have been up to or what you will be up to.  We would really like to know.


Until next week



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