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I want to again thank Kate Bloomfield for allowing me to post her article. It is a great piece of advice. If you missed it check the archives.


The Red-Winged Black Birds are back. They are the true sign of spring, especially since the Robin doesn't migrate that much anymore.


Two weeks warm weather will here be to stay, be prepared, and break out the shorts and sleeveless shirts. Oh wait, some of you have been wearing them all winter.


Anyway, all you sane people get yours out and wash them up. You will need them soon.


I hope to get back to writing soon. Of course the Muse is still vacationing somewhere the heat is located. Hope she stops by before too long. A new story is needed and Pat Michaels is screaming write it.


What have you been up to lately?  Any writing or whatever it is you like to do?


Don't be afraid, leave a message below and let us all know what is going on in your world. We will enjoy hearing about it.


A new author M. J. Steven has written a bold look of what it is like to lose a love one to gang violence. Of course, the retaliation is bloody.


I have read the draft and I tell you it shocked me with what happens in the story. It will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what the next move is going to be.


MJ said to look for We All Die to come this summer to an eBook dealer of your choice. It will be available for all formats of tablets.


I asked him why is he going eBook with this one and his answer was quite simple.  EBooks are selling better than hardback books. Besides, I can make it cheaper for someone to get a copy. If I publish it in hardback, it has to be over ten dollars. On the web, I can charge under three and have more sales.


Well friends, this is all I have for this installment. I hope you leave a comment or two and let us know how you are doing.


Until next time, think warm thoughts and remember spring is here in two weeks.




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