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Hello again,


Have you ever thought about what we did before cell phones, the Internet and especially Facebook and Twitter?


I really can't list all the things I did as this Blog only gives me 4000 characters. Small I know, but easy to use.


Something I can't understand is why is it that the new trend is to get as many likes to a Facebook page as you can, just to reach the max of 5000?


Does it make you feel really important that you have 5000 followers?


How many do you really know and talk to daily, weekly, or even monthly?


Same on Twitter, every hour I see the same (or nearly the same wording) advertising a book.


Now, yes I do advertise my books but not every hour. That is the reason I got on Twitter and Facebook to use the cheap advertising.


Also, who did you bitch to about all the things people do to you that you don't like before Facebook?


It seems that Facebook is nothing more than a place to tell the world how screwed up your life is.




Keep personal problems personal.


We don't need to know that you owe such and such company hundreds of dollars in back payments. Or that your "ex" is sleeping with so and so.


Stepping down from the soapbox (as they say).


Now it is your turn. What are your complaints? Below is a link called Comments.


Just click on the word and add your thoughts to the page. It is not hard to do.


Yes, there is a check system where you must enter the code, but that is to keep automated systems from posting.


Feel free to leave your thoughts on these subjects.

Until next time,



She Rises at Dawn, Dreamer's Paradise, Hollywood Dream, All in the Family Cruise


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