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 Last free week before heading back to another year of school and I can hardly walk.


Sure wish this surgery had been in June like I wanted it. Oh well, it is over at least. Now I just have to get healed where I can walk better. Have a week to do it.


It has been interesting to see so many free books available and being offered via Facebook.


I try to share as many as I can to help out the authors gain more readers for their work.


I hope they would share mine too.


There are all types being offered from sci-fi to erotica. Whatever you like, you can easily find a free eBook on that topic.


Most of them are pretty good. Of course sometimes you do run into one that you wish had more to it. Either you felt it was too short or just didn't cover enough of the story line to get you satisfied.


I read one last week called The Deception of Devin Miller by Kelly Martin that was great!


"One month ago, seventeen year old Devin Miller wrecked while intoxicated— or so she’s told by the slightly ticked off blue-eyed boy when she wakes up from a coma. The only thing Devin remembers is the darkness holding her down and the voices-- some happy, some upset, and one very agitated. She can't remember her name, her age, where she lives, or who in the world the blue-eyed boy is. But he knows her and against her better judgment, she offers to pay him for his memories so she can trick the ones closest to her into thinking she's fine."



This is a great book and you should pick up a copy to read. It locks you in to where you don't want to stop reading until you know what is going to happen to her.


Tell us about what you have been reading. We all would like to know what you have found that is good.  Leave a message below about the one you liked with the link to where we can find it.


I am going back to trying to walk again. 


See you next time.




She Rises at Dawn, Dreamer's Paradise, Hollywood Dream, All in the Family Cruise


You can find them at Amazon and

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John said...
Hi, First two days back to work are killing me. My leg is throbbing by the afternoon. Come home take pain pill and nap, but pain does not leave. Going to be a long recovery.
August 13, 2013 09:36:53
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