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The weather has finally decided to give us those summer temperatures. Hopefully they will be around for the three day weekend.


It now has been three weeks since the knee operation. Still have swelling and the doctor didn't care for that. He now has me on a pill to try to get rid of that. The walking is a little better.  The knee still gives out at times and that is really painful.  Go back in five weeks and will see about getting a brace at that time. He didn't want to give me one sooner because he couldn't move the knee enough to decide which one of two would be best. Plus the insurance will only pay for one.


With the help of pain pills I have made it through the day at work the past two weeks. I expect that will continue for a while.


Okay, what has been happening in your world?


Tell us by leaving a comment below.  We all would love to hear about it.


I have done very little writing lately, hoping to improve in that area.  Still have a lot of rewriting to do on the novel.


All you writers out there, how have you been doing on your work in progress? 


Let us know by commenting below.


There are several "free" books being mentioned on Facebook lately, I will promote any "free" book regardless of the type of writing it is.  Therefore, make sure you read the description as some are for adults only.


Hope everyone has a great week. And leave a message to let us all know how you are doing in your world.


Until next time,




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