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Hello again from the frozen northwest part of Indiana.


Storm came through and dumped almost 7 inches of snow. Roads are not being as cleared as they used to be. Seems nothing is as good as it once was.


We lost another gazebo in this storm. I looked at 7 am and it was fine. But, when I go out there to clear it off as 8:30, it had collapsed and was destroyed.


We will not do that kind again.  If I do anything at all to replace it, it will be built out of wood and stone.


Writing world has been put on hold here. It is that time of year where all the major assignments come in and need to be graded.


It takes roughly a half-hour to grade each one and having 74 major projects to grade plus the other assignments eats of most of my time.


Once this week is over (16-20th) we will be on break and I may be able to find the time to work on the rewrite of the novels.


Now how are you?


I really wish that some of you that read this blog would leave comments on how your world is going. It would be nice to read about you and what your interests are and how well you are doing.


The comment section below is not hard to do, so please consider leaving a message and letting us all know how you are doing.


Over a thousand readers check this blog, so there has to be someone with something to say.


If you would like to author a guest post, please leave me a message with your email I will contact you to set up the guest post.


I hope each and every one of  you have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday season, no matter which holiday you observe.  And a joyous New Year!




Until next time,




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2 Comment(s):
John said...
Hi Jamie, Glad you found it. I try to change it at least every two weeks, but sometimes it may take longer depending on what is going on. Have a wonderful holiday season. John
December 16, 2013 09:18:34
jamie collins said...
I didn't know you had a blog 3
December 16, 2013 07:07:41
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