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Do you have an e-Reader? If so, there are a lot of free books floating around for you to pick up.


Most are romance, mystery, paranormal, and even adult themes.  Whatever you like to read can be found just by looking a little at different sites.


For example, Pixel of Ink offers four a day. You can sign up for their e-mail here:


FreeBooksy offers various categories of books for free:


If you are on Facebook, search for your favorite author, a book club, a publisher, or the style of reading you like, example: fiction, mystery, crime, romance, dark fiction, paranormal or sci-fi.  You will find many authors listed, go to their page and see if they list give-a-ways. if so, you may want to friend them and join in on their contests.


There are some authors or idie publishers that give-a-way books all the time. You just have to look for them.


I try to share on Facebook any that come into my page. I feel that it is an author's place to help other authors promote their works. I would hope that they would promote mine as well.


With it being winter and not very many warm days, there is nothing better to do than read a book.  You might as well grab all the free ones you can, besides the ones you buy for yourself.  Like that old saying for almost anything: There are never too many books.


Now it is your turn. Tell us where do you get your books from?   Please leave a message below letting us all know how you do it.


Remember that you can read an eBook even if you don't have a special reader like Kindle or Nook. They have an app that you can download for free at their respective websites.


So go buy a book or get one free lol!   And read!


Until next time,




Here is a listing of my eBooks that are only 99 cents each.


She Rises at Dawn, Dreamer's Paradise, Hollywood Dream, All in the Family Cruise


You can find them at Amazon and


Smashwords carries them in all formats and even in PDF files.


You don't need a special reader machine.  You can download the Kindle app or Nook app from their websites to use on your computer, tablet, or laptop.


2 Comment(s):
John said...
Hi Ginger, I agree most are romance. Like you I am picky and read each description, if the book looks like something I want to read. Then I get it, but I pass on a lot of them. Thanks for the comment and reading the blog. Was lucky this weekend and worked 25 stations in the 160 contest using my tuner and 80 meter dipole. Not a great signal going out, but good enough to get those 25. 73 John, W3ML
December 29, 2013 08:01:22
Ginger WB9ZHC said...
I have several that I get e-mails from each day. They also include greatly discounted books as well for .99 cents or 1.99. Stephen Kings Doctor Sleep was offered at $1.99 two days ago. Alas most of the books offered for free are romance novels (uggggg) but I sort through them and find a good one occasionally.
December 29, 2013 09:57:58
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