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July is supposed to be the hottest month and yet we have nights in the 60's.  Next Tuesday is supposed to be 68 for a high. Not really a hot summer, but a lot better than last winter.

They say trouble always hits in three's, but here it has hit in four's.  First we find the shower leaking (for quite some time). It has been replaced with an even better one. Then we find the picture window broken (still not replaced). The car was next. Four new tires fix it. Now the refrigerator's water line will not work.

To top it all off, while working on the remodeling of the shower room, my back, which I hurt back in 1976 while serving in the Air Force, decided to go out really bad. So far it has taken three trips to the Chiropractor. Now only the neck is killing me. And then next week I believe it is I get to go see if I do have the big "C".

So, guess you could say we have been hit by the six's instead of the three's.

Been doing a lot of reading lately to help me decide how to fix the story I am writing. Guess, I will be back working on that for several hours a day before long.

What have you been up to lately?  Is anyone doing anything wonderful this summer?

Leave a message below and let us all know what is going on in your life.  It really is not too hard to leave a message.

Almost 1800 people read the last Blog, so there are many who would be interested in what you have to say.


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