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Summer is over for another year. Seems that Labor Day is the official end of summer anymore, even though it like in the twenties of September before it is actually Fall.

All I know is it is cooler in the mornings now and before long that damn cold weather will be back.

No writing this past weekend as it was work on the wife's craft room weekend. I think it is just about done, except she needs another chair. She is into card making now and doing really good at it.

I did get some reading done, as I received K.M. Weiland's newsletter that contained some links to her Blog entries. Inside her Blogs are links to other articles/Blogs she has written.  This kept me busy for two hours, before I had to go work on that room.

You can find her writings at her site Helping Writers Become Authors for some good reading.

I have three students in my Creative Class, which is an extra class for them beyond their normal schedule.  They turned in their first assignment last week and I must say their work was great. Of course, two of them want to be romance writers and the other is into fantasy, but that is okay with me. I enjoyed reading their works and can't wait to see how they do this week. Their assignment this week is to take three different terms and make a story out of them of 500 words, no more and very little less.


Now it is your turn to tell us what is going on with you.  We have over 2000 readers checking in on the Blog, so someone has to have something to tell us.

Leave a comment below and fill us in on what is happening in your world.

We would really like to know.

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