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Hello everyone, hope you had a great week and will have another great week coming up.

As some of you might know I am an English teacher in a high school. This is my 25th year of teaching and I am often asked why I became a teacher, especially when someone finds out that I was a Special Agent prior to going into teaching.

All I can say is it is because of an elderly lady that taught English at Indiana State University. She convinced me that I would be a great teacher as I had the ability and talent to reach out to others and get them to see how they can improve themselves. Also, because I had travelled around the world and spent time in areas where literature was written or written about.

Education has changed in the past 25 years and I am not sure it was all for the good. We now have politicians who think they know more about what is good for education, even though they have never spent any time in a classroom filled with young minds, questioning why they need this material. We fight against electronics that seems more important to a student than any book.

Two of my classes are preparing to start on what I call their major project. It was introduced to me a few years ago by a colleague and I loved it so much I moved it from summer school to the regular year.

The students will do a psychological analysis of three main characters and apply the steps of The Pattern of Human Experience to each character. This seems to be a good combination of using English skills and psychological principles to develop their analysis of how the pattern affects all humans, real or fictional.

This project really does make the student stop and think, and simply not look up on the Internet an easy answer to submit for a grade. It will task their mind so deeply, they will be screaming at me to tell them the answers.

Which, I will not do.

Once finished, they will have learned not only how The Pattern of Human Experience affects life, but how to take a subject, any subject, and complete an analysis to show an intelligent step-by-step description of how the subject can affect us all.

This is the exciting time of teaching when you see young minds thinking, squirming to figure out something they have never had to do before. Then all of a sudden you look at one of them and see the expression on their face when they finally have the answer. They look up at you and you smile back, it is then they know they are on the right track. So they ask, is this it?

My answer to them when this happens is simply one word, "interesting".

Until next time, keep it interesting!


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