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Last time I wrote about how two of my classes are doing this psychological analysis of literary characters, now two of my other classes are starting to work on a plan to beautify a vacant lot in the downtown area.

It is being called Serenity Gardens.

They are going to try to raise enough money to put in a gazebo, several benches and a few picnic tables, a walkway along with evergreen trees and plants.

The big fundraiser will be asking for donations by offering engraved name bricks for only $30.00.   Now On-Sale. Contact Knox High School 574-772-1670  Order form is here:

You can have your name engraved in a 4x8 brick that will go in the walkway through the area.

Some engraving ideas are:

Name, year of graduation, then school name

Business name and location

All names are engraved in CAPITAL LETTERS. Each engraving will allow 18 characters per line with up to three lines per brick; and it is sealed to last a lifetime.

Usually these classes do project based learning by just figuring out what needs to be done and completing the paperwork. But, this time they wanted to know why they could not go out and do the actual work. So, we have taken it all the way through the school system and will be visiting the city council next week to get their permission or denial.

If they approve our plan, our fundraiser will go in effect on Tuesday, Nov. 11th. (Pretty sure it will be approved, as the Mayor told me it would).

Bricks can be ordered from the students involved, myself or by calling the school's office, and through the company's on-line ordering process.

We will be working with Bricks-R-Us for this fundraiser.

If you graduated from Knox, then buy brick with your information. If you didn't, buy one anyway. But wait until Tuesday. I will post an update here in the comment section when they go on sale.

They sent me a sample and it a real nice looking signature brick.

My students would appreciate your support in their endeavor to turn an ugly lot into something people can enjoy.

Leave us a comment down below and tell us what you think of this idea.

Also, you can mention how many bricks you want engraved with you and your family's names on them.

Until next time,


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John said...
Bricks for the Serenity Gardens walkway that my students are building are only $30.00. ON SALE NOW. These 4x8 bricks are red faced with your name and information engraved in them. You can have up to 18 characters per line and 3 lines of information. Contact me or come/call the school to purchase one or more of the bricks.
November 10, 2014 04:16:06
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