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Monday April 11 will be the 37th day left for this school year.  It will also be one more work day closer to my last one.  I will have one more day than the students.

As I sit here writing this, I think back to the day in 1990 when I interviewed for the job and got talked into coaching football too.  I had no plans to stay here for 26 years as I wanted to move closer to our childhood home and teach there. But things change.

We raised our two sons here, who graduated from Knox and have gone on to have their own families.  We have three wonderful grand children. Our oldest is now 18 and was not expected to live even a year.

I laugh when I think about a couple years ago when we were given Macs to use and she was the one that showed me how to use the programs on it.  We used to play word games and she would beat me. She could solve them faster than I on that computer screen.  This is funny in a way because she is the one labeled special education and I'm the one with the really high IQ.

Now, don't think that grandpa lets her win all the time, she really did solve them faster than I at times.

She is very smart, even with the syndrome she has, as it affects her growth more than her mind.

My grandson, so far is the last young male in the family to carry on the family name. He is still trying to determine what he wants to do in life, but whatever he decides he will achieve as he can do most anything that is given to him to do. He just this last week of spring break went on a field trip for a graphics printing competition.  Can't wait for him to get back to see how they did.

Our youngest one is three now and smart as a tack. Excuse the old cliche. She will be starting school way ahead of others at the rate she is learning now. She sat here the other day writing in a notebook, saying she was doing her homework.

I hope to get to live long enough to see all them grow up to be adults.

For me in 38 working days or 7 weeks on the calendar, I will have more than enough time to concentrate on writing.  I need to get those novels rewritten into third person to make everyone happy. I just need to get my butt in the chair and write. That will be hard as it will be summer and I will want to be out enjoying the warmth of the sun. Especially after this winter that is still hanging on, as we had snow just yesterday.

What are your summer plans? Is your family doing anything special?   Leave a note below and tell us all what your plans are.

See you next time,

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