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It is hard to believe that it is January and I have been retired for 6 months. Usually at this time of the year, I am trying to figure out how to pass some seniors that just didn't make it because everyone has to pass. But, that's not my worry anymore.

Hawks Dilemma's cover is started and hopefully we will have before long and I will post it on my webpage, so keep looking for it.

"Jim Horton, Mike Phillips, and Steve Hawks have been together ever since Hawks was promoted to Field Director three years ago. This is the agency's trouble shooting team. They draw all the high-level cases traveling the world solving the problems that arise.

Hawks entered the subway train that arrived and headed for the next station hoping the stop would be the last. It wasn't his idea to pay the ransom, but the boss was dead set on it. Annie Patrick had been missing for a week before the ransom call came. The only reason Hawks and his team were involved was because her father had gone to school with their boss, Henry Jones.

As the train pulled into the 52nd street station, Hawks saw what he had been looking for at the other two stops, a dark skin oriental male wearing a red jacket leaning against the restroom wall appearing to be looking for someone."

Hawks Dilemma is a crime thriller about an agency under the control of only the president. Logline is:

Thrust into the unwanted leadership of the President's secret unit, Hawks must lead his agency while worrying about the female agent that he has fallen in love with.

One of the Beta Readers said, "Bear in mind I am just a reader and I read authors I like. You are maintaining my interest."

It seems the book must be worth something if they are keeping with it to read it all.

Now I need to get back on Hawks Revenge and get it finished.

What are you up to for the New Year? Click on Comment below and let us all know.

See you next time,

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