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WOW! The world is going crazy. Toilet paper shortage. Why?

This not a flu that causes you to have the shits.

This mad rush to buy everything whether you need it or not is ridiculous.


Before being house bound last Saturday, I get a call from my oldest son.

He asks for help because his truck is stuck in a mud field that just last work was solid ground.

So, I take my truck over to pull him out of it and end up getting stuck too.

His landlord comes along and he pulls me free. Son takes my truck and goes at his in a different direction to try to pull his truck out.  Once again, my truck gets stuck.

After all that, we go to Tractor Supply and I end up buying a 9000-pound pull winch.

By the way, I am starting a pull you out business with my winch. Prices are reasonable.

Anyway, the winch pulled his truck free and then we moved it to his truck parked outside the mud field and he pulled my truck free.  Total time 9:30 to 2:00.

Not what was on my schedule for that day. But what the heck, we were working together.

This week has been staying in the house and only going out once so far to pick up a lunch meal.

We went to a place called Sporty’s at Bass Lake to get a carry out meal. Then parked in front of the old Shore Club and ate lunch while looking at the lake across the street.  There was one fishing boat out there. Too far out to see if they were catching their next meal. LOL.


Will have to go to Lowe’s one day this week to get supplies needed to wire up a new 220-volt line before they come next week to put in the new furnace.  Going to be really warm in here after that.

Maybe I will even work on the new novels if the Muse shows up and moves me to write.


How are you doing during this time of having to stay in or being very careful around people?

Leave a message down below and let us all know what is going on in your world.

No information requested during the messaging is recorded anywhere, and it generates no spam from leaving a message.

Please leave a message down below in the Comment section. Just click on the word Comments and be assured the info you put in will not be sold or used.


I look forward to reading your comments. 

Until next time,


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