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More from the never ending novel. Slowly the editing continues.

A few hours later, Hawks decided to get up and see if any word had come in about Sadie. He knew if there really had been, they would have awakened him. Hawks went over to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup and just started to sit when the door opened.

Dropping the cup, he ran toward the door when he saw Sadie standing there crying.

“I thought I would never see you again,” she said.

“Me too,” he said as he grabbed her and held her tight, knowing that it would be a long time before she felt safe again.

As they stood there kissing, he felt they were being watched so he kicked the door closed and took her toward the couch. They spent the next hour and a half on the couch catching up on missed time, when all of a sudden, a knock sounded making them both jump.

“What is it?” Hawks called, trying to act casually.

“Steve, the President is on line one,” Jim said.

“Okay. Tell him I'll be right with him.” Funny how love can make the pain go away, he thought.

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It seems to be taking forever to re-write this novel from first person to third. Maybe someday I will get it done.

Also, when I first wrote this I followed the old taught method of two spaces after a period. Now-a-days, it is one space.  Anyone know an easy way of getting rid of that extra space?

Here is some of the story:

It was eleven-thirty when Sadie reentered the office, leaned over the desk, and said with a smile on her face, “Are you going to lunch?  I know another place that has great food.”

“Sure, why not?” Hawks said and closed the file he was reading.

As they left, Sadie told her secretary where she would be and Hawks could have sworn that she said home.

As Sadie was driving, she all of a sudden said, “Don’t you ever listen to me?”

“What do you mean do I ever listen to you?”

“I was just talking to you and you didn't hear a word I said.”

“Sorry.  I was going over these plans for tonight and I guess I wasn't listening to you.”  He returned to his plans.

“Okay Steve, what's up?  Why are you ignoring me?” She glanced at him quickly before returning her attention to the road.

“Well, if you must know, I'm not sure where our professional lives end and our personal lives begin.”

“Where do you want to draw the line?” she said smartly.

“I'm not sure.”

Anyway, if you know that easy way to get rid of the extra space between sentences, please leave a message below.  No personal info will be shared.


“Steve, why don't you go out to the whirlpool, while I fix lunch?” Sadie yelled from the kitchen.  “There are some towels and suits out there in the white cabinet.”

“Okay, a whirlpool might be just what I need,” he said and walked out to the closed-in back porch.

It wasn't long before Sadie came out the door carrying a tray of egg rolls and wearing a robe.  As she handed him the tray, she let her robe fall to the ground and there she stood in all of her beauty.  She climbed in and said, “I don't know how I could have ever done without this whirlpool.”

He hadn't thought about it for some time, but she did have a great body.  As they sat there letting the warm water sooth their bodies, she moved over closer and asked him again the same question that she had asked in the car.

“Where do our personal lives begin?”

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The bricks are back in and the metal roof is almost finished and should be done by tonight.

We probably never will get the tables from the Roudebush Company, as we paid for them back in March and he still has not delivered.

I turned it over to the City attorney to see if he can do something legally to get them.

The Mayor is looking at getting water and lights put in.

As far as for me, I am through with all we were going to do, since we can not get the tables. Told Street Superintendent about the sign and that he can have it to hold until the water lines get ran so they can determine where to put the sign.





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The Mayor emailed me that they took all the footprints and bricks out of the garden.

Supposed to put in sidewalks to make it ADA compliant, I was told by the Street Superintendent.

There was nothing wrong with the brick walkway as a person in a wheelchair had already been in and out of the Gazebo without any problems.

As of now, I am not involved with that project any longer.

When, or if, the Roudebush Company ever decides to deliver the tables that have been paid for since March of 2015. The city can take delivery and do with them what they like.

I am not longer doing anything with the Garden, since they removed our hard work.

I put in over 1000 hours of my FREE TIME to raise money to build that Garden. Only 6 students sold bricks. I sold the rest.

After all that to have it taken apart is ridiculous.

I am DONE!


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On the Serenity Gardens Project, the gazebo has the wood sub-roof on, and still waiting for the steel roofing to be finished.

We are still waiting on the tables, as I spoke with him over a month ago and his truck is still being fixed. Hopefully, sometime in the next year they will finally be delivered.

Yes, they were paid for during last school year.

No more work will be done on the Garden until the city decides on the water and electric installation.

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