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Spring has finally arrived in Northern Indiana.
It is nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

This weekend is Mother's Day.
Don't forget to celebrate with your mother.
Even if it is just spending time with her will make her happy.

How many of you read Lee Child's books?

I read Gone Tomorrow as my first one. Once I got into it I could not put it down.
Now I have the Killing Floor to read. Just have to find the time to sit and read.
I find that Child goes heavy on descriptions. He describes every detail thoroughly. It is so detailed that you can picture yourself there with the characters.

With warm weather here, I have so much I need to do and want to do that sitting and reading is down the list.

Writing, too, has been postponed again as it is just too hard to get started when you want to be somewhere besides behind a computer.

As I wrote last time, my heart test came out okay. Now if I can just figure out what the problem is I am experiencing now, maybe it can be solved and I can enjoy doing more outside. As it is, I have to limit my sun exposure.

Here it is May and high school graduations will be taking place before long.
Our grandson will graduate on June 1st.  His plans are to attend a college in Michigan next year.
I hope he finds it to be what he thinks it will be.
His course of study will be Graphics Management. He has been doing some great things in his Graphic classes. They have a full printing shop in our local school. There is nothing I can think of that they cannot print.

Recently they added a metal cutting machine to make various things out of the metal. He has made me a couple of wonderful metal cuttings. One was a Bear face representing the Chicago Bears and another was the Air Force Shield.
Both hang in my living room. For Christmas last year, he gave us our last name cut out in metal so that it can be hung over the front door.

He is a great grandson and has been doing wonderful in his classes.
We wish him the best in future ventures in college.

Now it is your turn to tell us what you are up to, now that spring is here and summer is coming.
Just go down below to leave your comments. Just click on the word Comments down there and share your thoughts with us all.
We would enjoy reading what you are up to.

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She Rises at Dawn


Posted By John Poindexter

I hope your past two weeks have been good ones.
I went in last week for heart tests due to the pain in the chest and not being able to breathe.
They called this week and said the tests were all normal. No heart problems at all.
Now trying to figure out what to do next.
Have not felt like working on the novel.
I do hope to get back to it before long. But, I have to find the energy to do so.

Can't wait for the warm weather to get here so I can get of the house and do things outside. Maybe that will make me feel better.

I have a request for you that read this Blog.

How about going down to the Comments link and tell us what you are doing this time of the year.

I and the others that read this page will be very happy to know how and what you are doing.

Sorry for the short Blog this time. Hopefully, I will feel like writing more later.

Take care and have a great spring.

Until next time


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Here is a listing of my eBooks that are only 99 cents each.

She Rises at Dawn, Dreamer's Paradise, Hollywood Dream, and All in the Family Cruise
You can find them at Amazon
They are also on Nook and Kobo.

Smashwords carries them in all formats and even in PDF files.

You don't need a special reader machine.  You can download the Kindle app or Nook app from their websites to use on your computer, tablet, or laptop and cellphone.



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A good friend of mine recently gave me a copy of Lee Child's Gone Tomorrow, a Reacher novel.
It was the first one I have read and I just couldn't put it down.

It starts in the wee hours of the morning, Reacher finds himself on a New York Subway with five other people.
Only one peaks his curiosity. His encounter with her starts the action that will keep you reading like it did me.

My friend is so into Reacher that he recently gave me Child's Killing Floor. I am very happy that he likes to read Thrillers, as I have asked him to be a Beta reader for me.
He did read Hawks' Dilemma and pointed out some things that he thought I might want to fix.

I was very appreciative of his suggestions.

Here is a Guest Post I hope you enjoy.

Please leave your Comments down below. Just click on the word Comments.

Is this gaming the system? If so, is it worth it?
Beth Ann Erickson

Last night an acquaintance of mine hit a bestseller chart. That’s generally good news. Except this time, I was left scratching my head. Allow me to explain:

When I launched Filbert Publishing back in ‘01, I generally followed basic publishing rules, one of which was this: Always place your book in the appropriate category so potential readers can find it.

Not complicated, eh? It apparently is now.

Seems there’s a publishing strategy that maintains that customer discoverability is less important than bestseller status.

In this case, the author just released a thriller. Fiction. She apparently placed her book in the “Health, fitness, and Dieting” category. Uhhh… that’s nonfiction.

Turns out, the author found a category that wouldn’t be difficult to rise through the ranks. She placed her book in that category, sold a few copies, and boom… Amazon bestseller, in that particular category.

But… what about the reader? If you were perusing Health, Fitness, and Dieting to find a new book and you ran into a thriller… would that matter?

If you wrote a legit book in that category, would you appreciate your area being inundated with fiction, something not remotely related to your topic?

If you were a legit thriller author and were selling more books than this author, would you appreciate her bestselling status?

I don’t have any answers for this. In fact, I was pretty surprised to find fiction creeping into hard core nonfiction areas.

So here’s my question: Does this matter? Am I wondering out loud over nothing? Does best selling status matter?

I can’t wait to hear what you think… :)


This article is courtesy of Filbert Publishing. Make your writing sparkle, write killer queries, get published. Subscribe to Writing Etc., the free e-mag for freelancers and receive the e-book “Power Queries.”

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Can you believe it is February already? Sorry it has been a month since I updated.

I started the year off giving myself a concussion from falling off a ledge in the basement and hitting a steel toolbox.  No, I was not drinking. I was checking a water line that was frozen. Still suffering headaches from it, but the CT scan was normal.

For those authors out there, who might read this, do you think it wise to try and get a main stream publisher to buy your book or just go the self-publishing route? Please answer below where it says Comments. Thanks!

One of the latest novel I am working on is called Deadly Revenge.

Between Book 1 and this one, they have a child. Some tension builds when she decides to go back to work.

“Steve, I've been thinking about coming back to work.  Do you think it's too soon?” she asked, glancing over the paper at me.

“You don't have to come back yet,” I said.  “Your leave of absence is not due for review for another two months and I think Patricia needs you here.”

“We can always get someone to watch her.”

We had discussed this before, but I still wasn't sure how I felt about it.  “Yes, but she's only six months old and I think her mother should be the one she is with for a little longer.”

“Well, we can discuss it more tonight.  With the change in mission, I may be needed,” she said.

“If I need a female agent, I can always use someone else.  That way I won't have to worry about you,” I said and knew instantly I had said the wrong thing.

“If that’s the way you think, then good-bye.  I'm going to check on the baby,” she said, shoving her chair into the table.

A lot of fast-paced action in this one keeps the reader wondering what is going to happen next.

I will be looking for Beta Readers when it is all finished.

Another one I am working on it called Dirty Bomb.

Mike came back and said, "Steve, she was on the phone telling somebody that she had hooked up with us just by chance and had placed a homing device inside the left rear fender."

"I do know that we have to lose that device." I said.

"Why are we stopping here?" Jenny asked. "We just got going again."

I said. "I want to know who you're working for?"

"I don't know what you mean," she said, her eyes opening wide.

"Yes, you do," I said, taking a step closer to her. "Mike heard you tell someone that you planted a homing device on our car. Now either talk or we leave you here."

"He must be mistaken," she said bitterly. "I'm not working for anyone."

"Take off your shoes, socks, and coat," I said as I pulled my gun.

"You're crazy!" she said and backed up.

"Do it or we will," I said.

As she pulled off the items, I said, "Jim, search her bag."

"There's nothing in the bag except clothes," Jim said.

"Put these in there," I said as I tossed him her shoes, socks, and coat. "You're on your own now lady. By the way, your device is on another vehicle," I said as I climbed back into the car.

"You can't leave me here like this," she said frantically. "I'll freeze."

"It’s not that cold," I said as Mike pulled away.

This is going to be a cold snowy week for us.  Have a great week and let me hear from you down below in the Comments.

Until next time,



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I found this first part while cleaning off a thumb drive. It is from 2014.

Hi all,
After a year my muse has come back and I am starting out on that road of publication again.
Yes, it’s been a year since I have written anything, but that doesn’t mean that the well is dry.
I have been plotting in my mind different stories and revisions of two novels. Oh, so much so that I find it hard to get to sleep as the muse was getting closer to returning every day, and she has landed back in my life.
She hit with a vengeance, and the trouble now is to do it all at once, plus hold down a full day of teaching.
She has me re-writing two novels and starting a new one at the same time and IT FEELS GREAT!
She came back with plans for a whole new approach to my writing, a new genre other than the thrillers that I write.
It has been so long that I didn’t think she would ever return, even though I was plotting I couldn’t sit down and type or write. The muddy thoughts were getting to thick and then early Sunday morning before the sun rose over the east wall she landed right in my lap and said, “Let’s go. Get off your ass and write this shit down.”
So, as I sit here telling you about this and listen to Jim Croce sing away, she is hitting me with more plots and telling me to get the hell off of here.

2017 wasn’t much different, except most of the writing this year has been editing.

As those you who read this know, I am an Amateur Radio Operator.  Recently, I have been enjoying the new digital mode called FT8. Out of the last 120 contacts I have made on the radio, all but 2 were with this new mode. The other two were Morse Code and Single Side-band (or voice).

I just completed an Award called Triple Play. This is where you use voice, Morse Code and digital to work all 50 States. You must work the 50 States on each of these modes, giving you a total of 150 contacts. This is not an easy task as only 1,964 Amateur Operators have completed it.

But, I must try to concentrate more on the writing than the radio and playing on the Internet.

Several thousand-people read this Blog when I post a new one. It would be nice if you left a message down in the Comments Section telling us what is going on in your life.

I, and those people, really would like to know how you are doing.

See you later,

Hollywood Dream



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